“It was like a cold burning between them.  Their skeletons joined at soggy throbs.  The space they filled before us, like twisted wire, embedding into itself.  They were one grasp.  One curve of flesh.  One heart breaking in startled, flickering cracks.”—THE SUMMER THAT MELTED EVERYTHING

"THE BURNING BLISS"    Original Watercolor by    TIFFANY MCDANIEL


Original Watercolor by


"Tiffany McDaniel’s The Summer That Melted Everything is a wonderfully original, profoundly unsettling, deeply moving novel that delivers both the shock of a fully realized reality and the deep resonance of parable. This is a remarkable debut by a splendid young writer."—Robert Butler, Pulitzer Prize winning author of A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain

 “On a deeper level this book is dreamlike in style (or perhaps nightmarish) and more akin to something by Geoffrey Eugenides than Harper Lee. It’s a gothic tale with a heavy dose of Romanticism, and it comes together in the form of surprising, surreal and evocative imagery.  (…) The words thrum and throb, and the imagery is like the haze rising off a hot tar road; it’s hard to make out and it obscures the meaning a little but it evokes the feeling of the moment so vividly and on so many different levels at once, that it’s like the many angles of a Picasso painting, showing everything from all directions at once. It is the imagery and style of this novel that makes it one of the most distinctive and interesting books I have read all year. Add the brilliantly complex plot and you’ve got a winning book.  (…) It is a book that should be read, discussed, taught. It is a book that, although set in the 1980s, is a sharp commentary on contemporary issues and that makes it a classic.”—Literogo

“This book contains so much wisdom and is written so beautifully that it is certainly one of the best debut novels I've had the privilege to read in many years— Pulitzer judges take note—this book will absolutely blow you away with its vibrant charm and deep grasp of Americana! Set in rural Ohio in the 80's, McDaniel's vibrant portrait both of the town of Breathed and the Bliss family make for a great moral tale of what it good in humanity and how easily this notion can be corrupted by circumstances. Autopsy Bliss, attorney and father of two, decides to invite the devil to visit by writing a letter in the town paper. When his thirteen year old son Fielding comes across an African American child with brilliant green eyes who claims to be the devil, his decision to bring him home sets in motion a great chain of events that will affect you and simultaneously bring hearty laughter to your heart and ardent tears to your eyes. With a keen literary verve that will capture you from the first chapter, McDaniel has created an uncanny coming of age story that will haunt you in the most wonderful sense of the word.”
—Raul Chapa, BookPeople.  Austin, TX

“Here is the truth: this book is perfect.  When you look at every single element of this story, every single character, phrase and all of the parts of the plot, you get one perfect whole, completeness that leaves you breath-taken in an absolutely literal way.  (…) This is the best book I have read this year and it is one of the best books I read in my lifetime.”—Book Dust Magic

“Tiffany McDaniel has such a beautiful command of language and poetry that adds to this disquieting story.   (…)  This novel is perfectly suited for the current times and will be for years to come.   (…) Definitely, the best book I have read this year.”—Never Never Land Reviews

“McDaniel is clever and cunning with her word choices throughout. If you are someone who loves words and twisted meanings and innuendos, the book is a puzzle of double-meaning and McDaniel is a mistress of metaphor.  (…) This debut novel is brilliant, dark and like a punch in the face. McDaniel has taken great care of the prose, the characters and the emotions. She’s an author that you’ll remember and a name you’ll see again.”—Alisha Churbe, Vera’s Luxury Reading

“This book has a soul. A living, breathing story waiting to be read and taken in. The writing is completely lyrical, creating visuals that make you see the world clearer. Tiffany McDaniel grasped a handful of reality and released it in this book. The beautiful and the ugly and everything in between. The raw honesty of human nature. Dealing with hard hitting topics that are written in a way that allows the reader to learn from them.  (…) Simply, this book was haunting.”—Katy’s Library Blog

 “This book is a powerful piece of fiction (…) McDaniel is dauntless when it comes to her writing, it seems nothing is off limits. This book reminded me of a mix of two classic books; I am reminded of the struggle of good over evil (racism) in To Kill a Mockingbird crossed with the mob mentality we see in The Crucible.  McDaniel’s writing is unlike any other author I’ve ever read before.  It is profound, raw, and beautifully lyrical.  With The Summer That Melted Everything, she has crafted an important parable, a story that is meant to teach an important lesson (…) this book was meant to be read.”—Cover to Cover Mom

“Sometimes a book affects you so deeply as to render you speechless, or nearly so.  Other times, a book will fill you with so many thoughts, ideas, questions and so much inspiration that you want to shout from the highest elevation, “Read this book or else!”  Sometimes a book accomplishes both feats simultaneously.  Such a wonder is Tiffany McDaniel’s The Summer That Melted Everything (…)  The Summer That Melted Everything is that rare book that I want to revisit yearly.  It’s so incredibly meaningful and lush that you could read it many times over and each time gain something new and glorious from it.  (…) Equal parts Harper Lee and Shirley Jackson, with a dash of Ron Rash thrown in, McDaniel’s novel is destined to be a modern classic.”—a day in the (reading) life

"The Summer that Melted Everything had it all and more. (…) A story of emotion, a whirlwind rollercoaster that takes you higher and higher and seems to leave us suspended at the top, unsure how to get down. We are forced to question the characters, their actions, human nature, and ourselves. Questions left unanswered, the echoes ringing on into the stillness: what would you have done? It is a plot that makes you think: a story of guilt, trauma, and perception all captured in a summer we can never walk away from.”—Utopia State of Mind

“This book caught me off guard… I’m speechless!  (…)  This story doesn’t read like a debut novel, but more like a best seller from a seasoned writer. The story grabs you by the shoulders from the very first chapter and shakes you violently until the very last sentence.  Tiffany McDaniel may very well be on her way to a best-seller if her debut novel is anything to go by.”—Mystery Date with a Book

“Sublime, poignant, lyrical, touching…This book will quickly draw you in and mesmerise you with its beautiful prose. It will enchant, it will enthral (…) This is a book that will have a profound effect on the reader (…) The writing here is remarkable….I predict…awards, awards and more awards for this incredibly wonderful and talented author.”—Reading, Writing, and Riesling

“McDaniel’s prose is like warm maple syrup on a rainy day. Some sentences made me literally ache with their beauty.  (…) I need you to understand: this book is worthy of awards. If this debut is any indication, Tiffany McDaniel’s work will one day be studied in colleges across the country.”—Sara Dobie Bauer, author of Bite Somebody

“During the impossibly hot Ohio summer of 1984, a young boy’s presence in a small town catalyzes horrific events which result in splintered families, mob violence, arson, and murder. Debut author Tiffany McDaniel handles all this with assurance and aplomb, such that I’m quite taken aback at the powers displayed in her first attempt. Her very true-to-life first person narrator is a thirteen year-old boy about to grow up in a major hurry, and she places stunning, gratifying eloquence in the voice of another boy who seems to know way too much about God and the world. It’s a remarkable achievement.  I urge you to take up The Summer that Melted Everything from a pure reading enjoyment standpoint. But there’s another good reason: you’ll want to make Tiffany McDaniel’s acquaintance as soon as possible. I can reassure you of this new novelist’s talent and vision.”—Luke Sherwood, Basso Profundo

“McDaniel’s voice is reminiscent of only one other author whose work I genuinely idolize: Donna Tartt. The atmosphere painted, how each word serves its purpose, each element working together like a well-oiled machine to churn out a masterpiece.  (…)  It has haunted me since I started it, and it will haunt me for much, much longer. What was supposed to be an interesting read for the summer has now turned into one of my all-time favorites. This is a book that is so well-written and mesmerizing in its darkness, in its ability to make its reader so disturbed, so uncomfortable that you will not put it down.  And no matter what you feel after reading it – whether you hate it or love it – you will not regret having read it.”—Bookshelves and Paperbacks

“It’s a book full of metaphor, both within the language so exquisitely used and in the themes it so brilliantly tackles. The story concerns the arrival of a young man in an American small town, where he becomes a catalyst for violence in spite of his gentle and considerative nature. Told in the first person by the young man who becomes his friend and who grows both with and beyond him in years as the story progresses, it’s a parable about the nature of truth, belief and ignorance. But it is so much more (…) And this is a book that needs to be read. It’s a book that should become a classic.”—Stuart Aken, author of The Methuselah Strain

“The Summer that Melted Everything by Tiffany McDaniel is a philosophical gem reminiscent of Stephen King.  This is the story of the summer of 1984, a summer of shattered illusions and innocence lost. (…)  There's so much going in this story, so much to absorb philosophically. It definitely needs a second read-through to truly appreciate the complexities.”— J. Aislynn d'Merricksson, Author of Evalyce: Worldshaper

“Tiffany McDaniel might be a young writer, but this is no raw first novel. She is wise with bone deep perceptions of who we are and who we become when we allow hysteria or religious fervor to dictate our actions. She writes with conviction and complexity that forced this reader to reread sentences and paragraphs to better appreciate the uniquely, creative ways she composes her thoughts. The setting is in the North, but some of the Southern Gothic of the deep South leaped over the Mason-Dixon line into Ohio. I also could swear I witnessed the ghost of Douglas Spaulding running through the woods with Fielding Bliss and saw the flash of his bare feet as he dived back into the pages of Dandelion Wine. I thought I saw Shirley Jackson lost in the loose limbs of the mob...her eyes as big as dinner plates...”—Jeffrey Keeten

“All I know is that from the first page, I was hooked. It has some heavy themes such as racism, homophobia, religious extremism and mob mentality but it still entwines itself with some happy moments between family and also what it means to be family. (…) Tiffany McDaniel writes as though she was born with poetry in her veins. Everything flows, everything is a metaphor, she makes the horrible beautiful (…) I would read anything written by her hand. (…) Fire burned throughout the entire novel, from start to finish.  I felt every emotion reading this book and I would recommend it to anybody. I've never read a book like this and I'm so glad that I was given the opportunity to. (…) I want to read it again. I want its words tattooed on my skin.”—Angharad, Two Book Thieves

“The Summer That Melted Everything is absolutely unlike anything I've read before - this book blew me away (…) The Summer That Melted Everything is deep, dark and gritty; it's filled with suspense and delves into some important issues (specifically religious extremism, racism and homophobia amongst others) which are still so relevant today despite the book mostly being set in the 1980's.  I can’t express how perfectly this book was written. (…) Each sentence was like it's own small poem (…) I feel like I've only scratched the surface of this book from reading it once, and I can't wait to read it over and over again to uncover more of the secrets that are hidden throughout it.  Overall, The Summer That Melted Everything is such a darkly beautiful book - in my opinion, it's the perfect debut, and I feel so honoured to have been able to read it.—Becky, Two Book Thieves

“I knew I'd struck gold right away. I read a lot of books where the prose is nothing spectacular. I could tell this one was special from the first paragraph (…) The Summer That Melted Everything is 'Paradise Lost' written by Flannery O'Connor, a southern Gothic tale with the power of a hurricane. (…) The Summer that Melted Everything is a first novel that reads like a lost classic. A bleak, emotional classic. Five out of Five stars.”—Dangerous Dan’s Book Blog

“The Summer That Melted Everything (…) touches those dark sides like nails scraping a chalkboard.  (…) The language, oh god, the language is so gut-punching and intensively spot on. It’s beautiful and poetic, but with none of that pretentious shit.(…) I kept feeling like this wasn’t a new book (…) because this book feels like it’s a classic (…) this book should be considered as one. It should be up there with John Steinbeck and J.D.Salinger. THAT’s how good it is.”—Inked Brownies

“I was simply blown away by the incredible writing and disturbingly captivating story contained within the pages. Ladies and gentlemen, I do believe we're looking at what will soon be known as a classic!  (…) I can easily see this being read in a classroom setting alongside well known classics such as The Crucible and Invisible Man and stimulating intense discussion…”—Cierra’s Bookshelf

The Summer That Melted Everything is a book unlike any other I have ever read.  If you aren’t a fan of literary fiction, turn back now.  This book isn’t for you.  If you are a fan of literary fiction, you are in for a masterfully written book that a review can’t do justice.  (…) The Summer That Melted Everything is one of those rare books that will always stick with me.  I feel like it made me a better person for having read it.”—Adult in the YA Section

“Let me start off by saying this is by far the best book we have read in 2016. Tiffany McDaniel wrote a beautiful, heartfelt, and powerful story that is captivating.  (…) Tiffany McDaniel's writing is a true piece of art. It is raw, it is real, and it is amazing.”—Bonding Over Bindings

“This is a unique and incredibly insightful novel, I have not read anything like it before and I do not expect to read anything like it again – a sprawling, deeply haunting and alluring tale that just sucks you into its vortex.  You feel every moment of it and the characters you will meet within the pages will stay with you forever. Fielding, his father Autopsy, the inhabitants of Breathed Ohio all come to stunning life – and oh Autopsy (what a name and what a character) – forget Atticus Finch, Autopsy is a quiet but magical force of nature.  (…) The Summer that Melted Everything is a novel that demands to be read, whatever your taste in books this is an I mmediate classic – setting, atmosphere, genuinely absorbing, so so beautiful in its complexity I will need to read it again to capture more of the essence of it.  People talk about talented writers. I’ve read a lot of books this year that could speak to that – but Tiffany McDaniel has that something “other” – that indefinable X Factor in the use of language that just changes conceptually the way you see things. I loved it. Very much.”—Liz Loves Books

“Mysterious, magnificent, and right on time, Tiffany McDaniel has gifted readers this summer with a story that is so deep and difficult that you’ll need air conditioning and a tall glass of iced tea to wade through the heat of her debut novel.  (…) The Summer that Melted Everything is a one-of-a-kind experience in storytelling that draws on the greatness of Harper Lee, William Faulkner, Spike Lee, and whatever grace it is that brings our greatest stories to the page.”—The Storyscape

"There is no way that The Summer That Melted Everything is Tiffany McDaniel's debut novel.  (…) It gives off the feel of a veteran writer who has been writing for years in order find the perfection that is soley theirs. In fact, it has left me quite speechless.  (…) I highly recommend this book. It was easily one of the best debut novels that I have read in a long time. Book clubs will be discussing this book for years to come. Tiffany McDaniel has a bright future in front of her and I for one can't wait to read whatever she comes out with next.”—Kristine, Twin Spin

“There isn't enough human emotion in me right now to properly understand what The Summer that Melted Everything did to me.  (…) Written in the most stunning and heart-wrenching poetic prose I have EVER experienced in my 30 years on this earth, The Summer that Melted Everything became the storyline to overshadow any other storyline that was happening simultaneously in my current reading life.  (…) Every single theme existed in a deliriously spectacular unison, and Tiffany McDaniel's writing is my new favourite place to exist in.  (…) if you don't experience the 320 pages of pure poetic misery that THIS novel will hand you, you will be doing yourself a serious injustice.”—Bound by Words

“McDaniel's writing was very vivid and detailed.  (…) Overall, this is one intense journey for me. I was able to conquer reading this masterpiece, despite all of the heartbreak that I felt throughout. (…) I genuinely thought at first that it was going to be about the devil. But it was way more than that. It was also about being in Eden, Heaven, or whatever paradise, and getting lost, shattered, and broken, immediately after. A must-read. If I were to blurb this it would be "This book became a classic the moment Tiffany McDaniel thought of it."—Eccentric Everything




Original Watercolor by TIFFANY MCDANIEL

“Sometimes a book comes along that is so good that it defies all descriptions, but I'll give it a shot anyway:  Tiffany McDaniel's astounding and heartbreaking The Summer That Melted Everything reads as if Carson McCullers and Shirley Jackson got together with Nathaniel Hawthorne in some celestial backwater and decided to write the first truly great gothic coming-of-age novel of the twenty-first century. There, I said it.  Now read it.” —Donald Ray Pollock, PEN/Robert Bingham award winning author of Knockemstiff and The Devil All the Time

"[McDaniel] is capable of stirring powerful emotions...an ambitious novel that will invite thought and surely spark discussion."—Booklist

"McDaniel paints rural Breathed as a timeless, Rockwellian small town before demonstrating how quickly the prejudices bubbling below its surface lead its citizens to tear their home to pieces. While often charming, full of summertime nostalgia and folksy imagery, The Summer That Melted Everything swells with the darkness that lurks in the human heart. A promising newcomer, McDaniel will leave readers pondering the nature of good and evil. “—Jaclyn Fulwood, Infinite Reads and Shelf Awareness

“I’m so glad I took a chance on this. It’s definitely one of the most unique, thought-provoking novels released this year.  (…) the story felt reminiscent of To Kill A Mockingbird – a stifling hot American summer in a bygone era (…) this beautiful, bizarre, multi-layered fable has the makings of a future classic.”—The Book Brief

“I’ve never read anything like this before. It is that extremely rare debut novel by a young writer with an original voice, the daring to listen to it, and the skill to deliver—sans any of the bad habits taught in MFA programs or navel-gazing showing off. This voice is fully formed and unambiguous. Imagine the best Southern writers of many eras, plus a serving of a script by Shirley Jackson produced in Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone, with a touch of futuristic Kurt Vonnegut seasoning, all cooked with an imagination that belongs only to Tiffany McDaniel.”—Betsy Robinson, author of The Last Will & Testament of Zelda McFigg (Black Lawrence Press's Big Moose Prize winner)

The Summer That Melted Everything is an incredible book by an immensely talented author (…) The story unfolds in delicate layers, then suddenly – BAM! – a brutal truth smacks you over the head with a two-by-four. It hurts, but then the gorgeous language soothes the pain away – right up until the next whack. This is nuance at some of the finest quality I’ve read. (…) The journey is an incredibly powerful one – and I don’t say that lightly, because too many people throw those words around. You simply have to take my word for it. At least, until you start reading – then McDaniel’s words will more than step up and take over…”—All Things Jill Elizabeth

“The Summer That Melted Everything is an emotional and deeply thought provoking story. A very sobering look into the mindset of America's past and the racism and prejudice that's still alive today (…) I read another review that stated they could not believe this was a debut novel and I have to say I agree. The book was so well written, the story laid out to perfection, the message perfectly plain and easily relatable. It was sad, yet beautiful, hopeful, but also tragic, sobering, as well as inspiring. Again, it was emotional. A very worthwhile, and almost necessary read!”—Burkhead’s Books and Bad Reviews

“I think something deep in my soul has shifted after reading this book. My gut is still churning after turning the final page (…) it’s been years since a book brought me to the brink of tears.  (…) Fact: Chelsea never re-reads books. Fact: Chelsea is going to have to re-read this book sometime in the future.  (…) The characters are what really sold me on this story. Each one was deep, flawed, and broken in their own ways, yet still lovable as I felt attached to each (…) This is a must read that is deep, compelling, and timely for what is consuming our state of current affairs. My heart broke and wept openly as a reader, as a mother, and simply as a human being.”—The Suspense is Thrilling Me

“I absolutely loved this book. (…) I would say it belongs in the same category as The Virgin Suicides and The Lovely Bones – deserving to become a modern classic. I am so glad I decided to read it, and I know that it will be one that I read again.”—Alice and the Books

The Summer That Melted Everything is a well-written, deep and philosophical debut novel about differences, acceptance and forgiveness, and acknowledging that life is never just black and white.”—Warhawke’s Vault Book Blog

The Summer that Melted Everything is NOT your average debut novel. (…) I must start this review off by applauding Ms. McDaniel. (…) this is an incredible read and is marvelously written.  (…) The way McDaniel weaves each of these subjects into this story creates a powerful and thought provoking work of art. The character development is so well done that you feel as though you have known these characters your entire life and have grown up with them in their small Ohio town.  (…) The Summer that Melted Everything is one of the best novels I have read in a long time. McDaniel's writing is fantastic and adds to the magnificence of the story. I am not sure I could state how much I recommend this novel. It is definitely a MUST read for mature audiences and it will not disappoint. Tiffany McDaniel is an author to watch out for and I am excited to see what she has in store for us next!”—Novel Idea Reviews

The Summer That Melted Everything by Tiffany McDaniel is special. It is the type of book other books aspire to be. It is lyrical, poignant, gripping and so very very dark.  (…) The writing in The Summer That Melted Everything is superb. It is at times quiet and solemn and at times Tiffany McDaniel made the words scream. (…) This is one hell of a debut and I cannot wait to see what the author has in store for us next.”—125 Pages

“It is a moving, emotive story and seems so pertinent to some current attitudes and occurrences being reported in the news (…) There are so many different issues portrayed in this superbly crafted novel (…) This is no sweet read, it is a classic, a moving story of a family and the community in which they live, a story that will live on in the memory of readers.”—Splashes into Books

“(…) The Summer That Melted Everything is a classic in the making.  (…) The Summer That Melted Everything is the first book I’ve read in a long time that made me stop and say ‘wow’ when I’d turned that final page. It’s a book that has stayed with me since I finished it. I said it at the beginning, but I’ll say it again now. This book reads like a classic, and I have no doubt it could become one of the great classics of our generation. Just a truly excellent read.”—Heather Reviews

“This novel carries so many themes, but come together so seamlessly and beautifully. (…) I am really hoping that this author will continue writing, because she has such an incredible writing style, and master way of storytelling.”—Let’s Talk About Books

The Summer that Melted Everything by Tiffany McDaniel was like nothing I've ever read before. And I mean that in a good way. It needs to be read more than once to fully appreciate all of the complexity and nuance."  —As I Turn the Pages

“A fantastic Jackson-esque debut about rumors, fears, and beliefs.”—BOOKRIOT



Original Watercolor by TIFFANY MCDANIEL

“Sometimes there is a novel so strange and beguiling it makes you give up your world for another world.  Such a story is Tiffany McDaniel’s tale of an enchanted boy—who might be the devil—welcomed into a family with no right to their name, Bliss. It will frighten you, and charm you, and break your heart if you allow it . . . and you will allow it, because once this world has hold of you, it won’t let you go.” —Jacquelyn Mitchard, New York Times bestselling author The Deep End of the Ocean (the first Oprah Book Club selection)

"After I finished it, tears won’t stop coming out of my eyes and it hurt so much. I was an emotional wreck and couldn’t have been more happy about it. Raw emotions and the innocence, the harsh brutality of time, stories behind characters, devil in the guise of humans and angel in the devil’s body. These are the elements that differentiate this book from other books.
And it amazed me that this book is from a debut author."—Alex the Shadow-Girl book blog

The Summer That Melted Everything is nothing like I imagined. (…) What’s actually inside this book is so raw, so painful, and so wildly original that I’m struggling to place it in a genre at all.  (…) There’s such a strong message here, one that is forever relevant, and that’s a large part of why I want to lap this novel up on repeat. This book is painfully good, and you can bet that I’ll be recommending it to anyone that asks for a long while.”—The Eggplant Emoji

The Summer that Melted Everything is a well-crafted novel that deserve it’s due. It’s well written, well composed, and well needed! I never read a book like it, I’m sure there isn’t going to be book like it for years to come. I can honestly see this book being a classic in its own right!”—Lia’s Bookish Obsession

“One of the best books I've read (…)The Summer That Melted Everything is gorgeously written – lush, shimmering, strange prose more often like a poem or a song lyric than regular fiction (…) contains one of the most tender and heartbreaking stories I have ever read about platonic love, particularly the relationship between brothers. It wasn't really until I finished reading the book that I realised exactly how many tricky, contentious topics the story covers – sexuality, disability, religion, loneliness, ageing, phobias, prejudice, HIV/AIDS – the list goes on, but the book really doesn't feel as though it's 'addressing issues'. Probably its greatest achievement is hiding all of that in plain sight, avoiding being preachy or not ringing true (…) I was so consumed by this book.”—Learn this Phrase

“When I started reading this novel I was amazed how the author makes everything vivid (…) I could say this is the best novel I have read in my life. Really it is!”—No Shelf Control

"The Summer That Melted Everything is a very impressive first book, the exact sort of thing I can see being studied in schools. Admirers of hallucinogenic Americana, in the slightly Gothic tradition of Carnivale or Nick Cave’s And the Ass Saw the Angel, will love it.”—Peter Kelly, Super Novel

“It has a (…) magical feel (…) The writing is impressive. It addresses heavy themes (…) but it never felt heavy-handed.  (…) I did feel deeply for these characters.  (…)  This book’s message will always be relevant. Part of what makes it terrifying is that the events are so recognizable. (…) There is so much in this book that it is impossible to unpack it all in just one read. The first read is really good, but it will definitely reward a reread. The Summer That Melted Everything is a deeply-affecting book that will provoke much discussion.”—The Overly Attached Reader

The Summer That Melted Everything is a captivating novel with a brilliantly carried out premise and concept.  Through writing that is beautiful, poetic, and haunting, the author presents a story full of depth, nuance and unforgettable characters.  It is moving, heartbreaking, and incredibly compelling (…)  I found myself marking and re-reading numerous passages and sentences as each emotion and state of being is portrayed in a truly awe-inspiring way.  It is a novel that makes you feel and makes you pause, and one that will stick with me for some time to come.”—About a Book

“Tiffany McDaniel tells this story in a surrealistic way, reminiscent of Paradise Lost by Milton.  (…)  This book is so much more than I can do justice to. It's about religion, race, love, family, abuse, death and so much more. All these themes are interwoven beautifully by McDaniel and you'll breeze through this novel on any hot summer day.”—The Beauty of Literature

“There is the story that The Summer That Melted Everything puts forth with its words.  And that story is intense and heartbreaking in and of itself.  However, this is the type of story where everything is a symbol for something else.  And when you realized even just a little bit of what each thing is truly representing, you then see how deep this story goes.”—Reading with Cupcakes

The Summer That Melted Everything truly is an amazing debut novel by author Tiffany McDaniel that will have you thinking about it long after you have finished reading. This novel made me go through some serious emotions and touched me in ways that I was not expecting.”—Big City Bookworm

“Well this was probably one of the best written novels I have ever read!  (…) Tiffany McDaniel will be a huge success. I do hope others will appreciate her writing as much as I did. Can't wait for her next book!”—Wall-to-Wall Books

“I’m amazed that this is McDaniel’s debut novel as she writes like a seasoned pro. Her use of language is powerful, hypnotic and haunting and the symbolism has such a lyrical beauty to it. On top of her stellar writing, she is unabashedly bold in the topics she covers. She tackles, racism, homophobia, abuse, death, AIDS, and cult like mentalities. All very heavy, but somehow, despite the seriousness of all of these topics, she manages to bring such a profound clarity to important issues. Every single character is well crafted and complex (…) I felt like this was like no other book I have read before, it is in its own unique and original category and I cannot wait to see what McDaniel comes up with next.”—Novel Gossip

“This book sits heavy on my shoulders, and on my soul. What makes this even more unbelievable to process was that this is a debut novel. Tiffany’s writing, in my opinion, is too sophisticated to be considered one.  (…) I have been turned into a massive fan of Tiffany’s and I am forever grateful for been given the opportunity to be.”—The Bookish Crypt



Original Watercolor by TIFFANY MCDANIEL

“Tiffany McDaniel’s brilliant literary debut is a feast for the mind. Her gifted language and stunning story craft shine a bright light on human nature as she examines the face of good and evil. I enjoyed every single word.” —Susan Crandall, bestselling author of Whistling Past the Graveyard

“To be a breakout debut novel, Tiffany McDaniel hits a homerun, knocking it out of the park. (…) Don’t take my word for it, read this book for yourself. This book has the makings of a classic.”—Happily Ever After Novel Thoughts

“This is a truly unique novel and a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of the stories on the bestseller list. (…) The Summer That Melted Everything is written with a deep and poignant melancholy and is truly moving. I will eagerly await McDaniel's next literary offering.”—One Day Perhaps I’ll Know

"The Summer That Melted Everything by Tiffany McDaniel, is as beautifully surreal as a Dali Painting.  The writing is spectacular and though this is Tiffany’s debut novel, it reads like it was written by a seasoned professional.  In my humble opinion The Summer That Melted Everything is going to be hugely successful! Tiffany’s star is going to soar and I feel truly privileged to be part of the select few that got to read this incredible book early." —Booknista

“If you've read To Kill a Mockingbird (one of my all-time favorites) you'd get a similar vibe reading this book. (...) This debut novel is extremely powerful, leaving me in tears more than once. The writing is absolutely beautiful, and it's been a little while since a book has so emotionally affected me. Its fast moving plot, along with the way in weaves subplots together to create one complete novel calls for something truly amazing. It's difficult for me to describe how I was feeling after finishing the story. Speechless, perhaps would be a good word. Because I honestly couldn't function. I couldn't believe the novel was over- I couldn't believe everything that'd happened- happened. (…)  So please, please read The Summer That Melted Everything by Tiffany McDaniel.  I'll be rereading this one.”—The Tree of Books

“(…) the author has such beautiful and poetic writing style, making the whole story flow together (…) this book was haunting and beautiful and I cannot recommend it enough!”—Rachael Rexds

“This book felt a lot like To Kill a Mockingbird. (…) I really enjoyed this one and found myself not wanting to put it down.”—Ellie’s Reviews

“Tiffany McDaniel’s writing style is something to look out for.  (…) The Summer That Melted Everything is an interesting read that wasn’t like anything I’ve read before.”—Other Things

“The Summer That Melted Everything is utterly mesmerizing, and it took me by surprise just how much it touched me. It's a book touching on powerful issues—racism, homophobia, fear of AIDS, agoraphobia, child abuse, religion—yet it never seems heavy-handed or preachy. This is a tremendously moving book (…) Tiffany McDaniel did such a great job giving complexity and heart to her characters that you can't really distinguish which characters you should root for and which ones you should view as villains.  (…)  It will be a long time before I'll be able to get The Summer That Melted Everything out of my mind.”—Larry Hoffer, It’s Either Sadness or Euphoria

The Summer That Melted Everything is an ambitious and impressive debut from Tiffany McDaniel.  (…) Readers will not miss being reminded of To Kill a Mockingbird (…) The rendering of the dangers of mob mentality and mass hysteria in small town America will remind readers of other such evocations from The Crucible to Jaws.(…) There is little I could fault this novel for.  (…) Despite being set in 1984, as recent events show, it is an exploration that remains relevant and timely.”—We Need to Talk About Books

“WOW. This is a good book if I've ever read one. It's beautifully written, with thoughtful characters, and a captivating plot. I've never read anything like it (…)  Everyone needs to read this book, it's one of those books that will change you in tiny little ways after you finish it …”—The Jinxed Goblet

"This is Tiffany McDaniel’s debut novel, and let me tell you… that is one hell of a novel! Set in the Midwestern town of Breathed in the mid-80’s, The Summer That Melted Everything is a story about the strange happenings surrounding the arrival of a young black boy. True to time and setting, we are thrust into a saga that tackles everything from racism, prejudice, small-town mob mentality, homophobia, and HIV/AIDS.  (…)  McDaniel is very specific and lyrical in her writing. This is not your average popcorn flick and it isn’t an easy read. If you’re looking for that, go read something like The Martian or The Girl on the Train. If, however, your senses are sufficiently massaged to heavier old world type writing a la Faulkner or even Steinbeck or Tolstoy, then you’re in for a treat.”—The Pen and Camera

“This book is just brilliant. I loved each and every word that makes up this fantastic read. There was so much that will force you to think in a single sentence. You need to savor each word to appreciate the awesomeness of the author’s writing.  (…) This is a very compelling read. It is deep, dark and thought provoking. Tiffany McDaniel has written a masterpiece”—Gay Book Reviews

 “The Summer that Melted Everything takes on a whole host of serious issues, racism, homophobia, psychological issues and the relationships between friends and family are all examined within the vast scope of this novel. In my opinion, McDaniel does this brilliantly, with some twists that I didn’t see coming, keeping me intrigued throughout the unfolding plot. (…)  It’s eloquently written to a high standard, and is the type of book that lingers in your mind after you’ve read it.”—The Cosy Reader

The Summer That Melted Everything was an atmospheric experience. McDaniel’s writing was lyrical and profoundly quotable, (…) It was incredible. It was tough. It was so much more than I expected. I have already pushed it on several people, and now I’m going to push it on you. You should read this, and if you need someone to hold you up when McDaniel hits you in the stomach with a baseball bat or tears the water from your eyes, I’ll be here for you.”—Dani Reviews Things

“I’ve been looking for a while for a certain type of book.  One that plays out in my head as I read it, seeing the characters and their actions. One that is quirky and engaging and I want to just sit and read so I can finish it and know what happens.  One that makes me think about the human condition.  One that I can’t wait to recommend to people who appreciate a book that isn’t on the NYT best seller list, but is certainly more entertaining to me than some from that list. I’ve found it in Tiffany McDaniel’sThe Summer that Melted Everything.”—The Book Fetish

“At its highest points this debut novel shines with beauty and lyricism. VERDICT Give this to fans of atmospheric fiction, particularly those who enjoy the grit of Donald Ray Pollock, the foreshadowing of Shirley Jackson, and the mounting suspense of Peter Straub.”Library Journal



Original Watercolor by TIFFANY MCDANIEL

“A wondrous debut of a novel. Imagine To Kill a Mockingbird, seen through the eyes of Neil Gaiman. McDaniel’s prose is rich and magical, full of passages of exquisite, strange beauty that ache with bitter truths and old sorrows. You'll not read anything else like it.” —James Sie, author of Still Life Las Vegas

"Literary gold, the sentences and writing was often strange but beautiful. The story itself is unusual and I felt a little of what the town experienced with Sal’s presence. Heartbreaking, horrible, loving, such a strange sad mixture of emotions evoked by a book with a strange title. The title makes sense at the end! I am going to recommend this novel like crazy."—Bookstalker

 “This book was a discovery. You know how some stories make you think for days after you finished them? Then you start babbling about it and you just can’t shut up, until your husband/kids/mother/best friend/neighbor/cashier/banker/stranger in the street/*add random people* can’t take it anymore and yells at you to get over it. (…) The Summer That Melted Everything is a debut novel. I need to write it down to remember it because trust me when you read this story, you won’t believe it either. (…) Tiffany McDaniel’s writing is beautiful and authentic; it needs no embellishment to convey its message.”—Chocolatenwaffles’ Blog

“A poignant and dark story, and (…) I can't say enough good things about the prose. Vivid descriptions made me feel as if I were right there inside the story, feeling the scorching heat, or running breathlessly down the country roads (…) I was in awe for most of it.  (…) Profound, moving, and thought-provoking, this is a book like no other. Highly recommended.”—My Fiction Nook

“This book is literary fiction with a touch of magical realism and some horror elements thrown in for good measure and it is like nothing I have read before!  (…)  In less talented hands, this could have just been a mess of too much going on but the way that McDaniel weaves everything together creates a story that is truly unique and so powerful.”—A Bookish Affair

“To say this is unique does not do The Summer That Melted Everything justice. The story McDaniel has woven has somehow managed to transcend anything else I’ve read along these lines and this is officially up there as one of the most intriguing books I’ve read this year.”—That Wild Soul

“This book has brought me out of a reading slump. A six month reading slump, the agony. McDaniel's writing is amazing. Although it hit me hard emotionally I’m glad I had the chance to read. I will definitely re-read it in the future. I can't wait to see what will be next.”—Roro is Reading

“The novel is deeply insightful and complex (…) I could have easily finished this book within a couple of hours if I hadn’t forced myself to slow down and savour every little drop of it.  The Summer That Melted Everything challenges our perception of good and evil.  (…) The characters had a life of their own. At times, I felt like I saw traces of Atticus Finch in Fielding’s dad (…)  I haven’t cried so much reading a book since Marcus Zusak’s The Book Thief. And like The Book Thief, The Summer That Melted Everything broke my heart but also left me in awe at McDaniel’s incredible work.”—Sugar Quills

The Summer that Melted Everything is a beautifully constructed and eloquently delivered debut novel that captures both the readers’ attention and sympathies. While the story itself is sad, incredibly sad, McDaniel weaves a tale that is so elegantly written that it crosses over into a work of art.  (…) Throughout reading The Summer that Melted Everything, I many, many times found myself highlighting passages or quotes, due to loving the manner in which the unique sentences were written. (…) McDaniel does the near impossible by making such a heartbreaking, sad tale into a beautiful, vivid work of art that leaves the reader pondering Fielding and his summer of 1984 long after finishing the last words.”—The Critiquing Chemist

“McDaniel excels at setting the environment, both outside and inside (…) McDaniel's tense and original writing, the darkness and depth (…) just adds richness and layers of patina to this engrossing debut.”—Wanderaven

“Tiffany McDaniel’s stunning debut novel, The Summer that Melted Everything, is everything dark and beautiful and scorching. When Fielding Bliss was a boy of 13, the Devil came to visit Breathed, OH. The tragedy left in his wake is a reminder that evil doesn’t walk among us, it’s inside of each and every one of us (…) Summer is a charmed novel that will leave you guessing what’s real and what isn’t. Part psychological, part magical realism, Summer is infused with that creep factor that is the uncanny. McDaniel is a seriously gifted storyteller and the proof is in the pages (…) We all have those things that keep us up in the night, and reading Summer is like taking a slice of childhood memory and turning it over in our hands to see inside the dark parts that are usually hidden from everybody else. Simply reading it is a strange form of catharsis even though it is fiction at its core (indeed, it may be more therapeutic because of it).  I was enchanted.”—Booktastings

“This was a GREAT read! It totally caught me off guard how absolutely unique and fabulous this book was.  (…)  The powerful atmosphere and the emotional, resonating quotes and dialogues throughout the book were hauntingly beautiful and incredibly moving. There were numerous occasions where I had to stop reading and sit in wonder at what I just read.”—Books, Babies, Being

 “(…) a lyrical and powerful novel about good, evil, and the devil himself.  (…)  McDaniel’s writing is beautiful. Never before have I highlighted so many quotes in a novel. (…) I can say with certainty that it is one of my favorite literary novels that I’ve read. The setting is vivid, the characters step off of the page, and the writing is simply perfect. This book is as sticky as skin in the Ohio heat of 1984, and I’m still pulling pieces of this story off of me. It’s a novel I’m unlikely to forget.”—The Bandar Blog

The Summer that Melted Everything is one of those magnificent books that you will not get out of your head.  (…)  Tiffany McDaniel presents this carefully crafted experience of a novel that is equal parts beautiful prose, intellectual narrative and thought-provoking.  (…) Whether you cry or throw away your book across the room out of exasperation, one thing is for sure, this book will make you feel.”—Fiction Jungle

“Fascinating, incredible book. In her first novel, I must say that Tiffany McDaniel hits this one right out of the park. It reads like a classic with all of the quirks of Flannery O’Connor with a twist of Shirley Jackson to match.”—29 Chapters



Original Watercolor by TIFFANY MCDANIEL

The Summer That Melted Everything is a blast of hellfire, humor, and heartbreak that’s part Flannery O’Connor, part Stephen King, and wholly original.” —Lou Berney, author of The Long and Faraway Gone

“It’s unlike anything I’ve ever read, and I simply loved every second I spent reading The Summer That Melted Everything (…)McDaniel created such an atmospheric, eerie and whimsical read— I’m seriously at a loss for words (…)Simply put, I didn’t want this book to come to an end— so much so that I even reread the first chapter. And now I cannot wait for what Tiffany McDaniel will write next.”—Bookspoils

“This book (…) really makes you ponder about the truth and the fallacies of everything that's happening in the book and in reality. The character development is superb. McDaniel knew how to work on the fact that people are unique and also the same.  (…) This book broke my heart but it didn't make me love it less. If anything, it made me feel more attached and connected to the characters and the story.”—The Girl Who Cried Books

“(…) one of the most over-whelming books of the year.  (…)  There were so many things about this book from the complex and continuously developing characters to the mind-bending nature of human-beings to find a light in our personal darkness.  Ms. McDaniel explores the very root of human beings and how one person can affect an entire town.  (…) My suggestion: stop what you are reading now and go read this book (…) A wonderfully written debut novel about the struggles of being human and acceptation that the devil may in fact lurk inside each and every one of us.”—Bean’s Bookshelf and Coffee Break

“This book was so different from anything I’ve read before.  (…) This story is about life, choices, death, good and evil.  (…) When I hit eighty-three percent on this book I found myself unable to stop crying.  I cried all the way until the end because it just hurt so much and the writing was just incredible.  I encourage everyone to read this book; it is a book that will have you deep thinking about the cruelty of people and the consequences that evil and selfish choices of people made.  You will have to dive in going open minded because this book will have you rethinking everything you ever knew.”—Crazies R Us Book Blog

(The Summer that Melted Everything) is a commentary on racism and sexuality in a small Ohio town in the 80s, with ideas that are still relevant today. It is about a boy who calls himself the devil, but really brings out the devil in the town.  (...)  It is moving and shattering and full of thoughts and ideas to chew on.  (...) I am very much looking forward to whatever Tiffany McDaniel writes next.”—LiteraryJo Reviews

The Summer That Melted Everything is dark, thought-provoking, and heartbreaking.  (…) I found all the characters (…) to be incredibly compelling. (…) Finally, the writing was gorgeous. I could feel the heat as I was reading (…) This is definitely a book that I want to annotate ’til the cows come home.  (…) I highly recommend this book, no question about it.”—Brains, Books, & Brawn

“It’s the summer of 1984 in Breathed, OH, and it’s hot. Really hot — and about to get a lot hotter.  (…) This book will reward close readings, and probably repeated readings as well.  (…) I loved the whole experience, it is a rewarding read. McDaniel writes with such richness, such depth, there are phrases throughout this that will knock you out. There’s one sentence that I went back to at least a half-a-dozen times one evening — not because I needed to try to suss it out, but because I just liked it so much. The variety of ways she can describe the horrible and debilitating heat wave that struck that part of Ohio those months is pretty astounding — I’m just glad I had some sort of air conditioning most of the time I spent reading the book.”—The Irresponsible Reader

"The Summer That Melted Everything is an incredible piece of literary fiction. That it is a debut novel makes it even more so. Tiffany McDaniel’s writing is evocative, complex and full of confidence.”—Cornflakegirl’s Musings

 “This novel is the kind that should go down as a classic. The writing style is just so beautiful, if it were an art piece I would buy it in seconds. (...) I have to applaud McDaniel’s for her amazing balance when creating this novel.”—Olivia’s Catastrophe

The Summer that Melted Everything took me out of my comfort zone and made me look at myself, my small world, and what's taking place around me. Though set in the past, it has relevance to the current politics taking place in the US today. It's an incredibly unique novel with beautiful prose that brings the heightened emotions of 1984 Breathed, OH to life.  (…) It was unlike anything I have ever read…”—Carlene Inspired

“The Summer that Melted Everything is the beautiful debut novel of Ohio native Tiffany McDaniel.  (…)  I know that The Summer that Melted Everything will stick with me; its lessons, its characters, its tragedies.  (…) McDaniel explores relationships – familial, platonic, and romantic alike – and how they can make us stronger and break us apart, sometimes simultaneously.  I would recommend this book to fans of contemporary heartbreakers! It is an incredible first novel from author Tiffany McDaniel.”—Paperback Thrills

“It’s the summer that everything changes (…) This is not a book to read lightly. It will tear out your soul so you can examine it, piece by piece; it will rip out your heart and show you what's written there. McDaniel tackles racism, homosexuality, HIV, and hysteria, all in one bildungsroman. It is violent and cruel, shocking and terrible. There's no happy ending to be found; this is real life. McDaniel writes with exquisite flair.”—The Bandwagon Reviews

“Overall, there's just not enough praise I could give this book (…) As a debut novel this is amazing, as a novel in general this is still amazing. Tiffany McDaniel definitely has a reader in me for life because I just loved everything about this book so much.”—That Girl Bookworm

“(The Summer that Melted Everything) was heartbreaking and moving. It touched my heart and will stay with me for an extremely long time if not forever (…) This has been one of the best books I have read (…) it is beautiful, stunning, and breathtaking. I would tell anyone to pick this book up.”—Escape Between the Covers

“Reading this book was like experiencing my own decent into madness as I was drawn in and felt like everything was so real; it was as if I was being absorbed by the pages. I have been looking through my shelves for the past few days, wondering what to read next but I can't seem to begin anything new! This book still hasn't let me go!  Thrilling, intriguing and utterly wonderful, this novel is a must-read, no matter what genre you think you prefer.”—Profusion



Original Watercolor by TIFFANY MCDANIEL

“In this bold and surprising debut novel, Tiffany McDaniel reveals a new voice in contemporary fiction. At times comic, at times heartbreaking, The Summer That Melted Everything, moves between the future and the past, and gives us a window on a particular time, the hell-hot summer of 1984, and a group of characters George Orwell could not have imagined. In this world nothing is quite what it seems, as mystery and revelation alternate, right up to the end. At times surreal, magical, this story of a family and community incorporates global warming, AIDS, discrimination, fear, mass hysteria, lynching, and martyrdom, but in the end is a love story, warning us not to be too quick in judging what is evil and what is good.” —Robert Morgan, New York Times bestselling author of Gap Creek (an Oprah Book Club Selection)

“I’m shocked that this is a debut novel (…) the writing is simply wonderful (…) this author has a lot to bring to the literary world.”—Lynn’s Bookshelf

“I can tell you it is mind-blowing. The way it is written is poetry in itself. The words, the flow, the suspense, and the questions that book raise– you are sucked into the world (…) I thought for days after I finished the book. I still want to question why that happened, why that happened, but in the end, the book changed me. With each sentence in the sentence, each instance it showed, each question it raised, the way I see the world has changed.”—Parichita Singh

“The book is about family, best friends, parents, brothers, neighbors, lovers, enemies, and the past that can’t be let go. I loved every long detailed description, the flashbacks, the backstories, events that happened, and the characters the most. And when I say ‘loved’, I meant I loved them too much that whenever tragedy comes, I cry, my heart shattered, feel its heaviness in my chest, like I’m already seeing the book as a movie inside my head. I thank Ms. McDaniel for letting me be one of the first readers of her novel.  If you ever stumble upon her book, give it a read.”—I Am February Four  

“I am so happy that I jumped out of my comfort zone to read McDaniel’s book and I was not disappointed.  This book really touched a place within me.”—Denise, The Sirens Book Reviews

“I have no greater words than STUNNING, AMAZING, STRIKING, ENGAGING (…) Simply amazing, Tiffany McDaniel is an author I will not miss out on while in search of my next read that will challenge me, make me re-think, and re-think again, then start all over again while I find my way back into my own comfort zone.  It's worth every single step I took on this journey.  This is simply a book you MUST read!”—Snow, The Sirens Book Reviews

“I have to say that this book sucks you in like a good movie, and you can actually feel the heat sweltering as you read it. I’m pretty sure I was sweating through half the book.  (…) This books writing is impeccable, the story telling is on point, and I cannot wait to read another Tiffany McDaniel book.  (…) I give this book 5 out of 5 sweltering stars.”—Comfy Reading

“If you are looking for a thought-provoking read or one to debate and discuss with others, The Summer That Melted Everything should spark intelligent dialogue.”—Tome Tender

“This book is so beautifully written, I cried a couple of times.  It was a crazy emotional ride for me (…) this story is amazing.  I really wish this book to be a best seller, and who knows, be a motion picture, and by then, I'll be crazy not to watch it (…) I love how unique every character is, how this story sends such a powerful meaning but in a really subtle way.  I have experienced happiness, sadness, anger, confusion, care and affection throughout the pages. Thumbs up for Tiffany's debut novel!”—3 By 3 Meters

“…a thought-provoking read with a creative plot-line (…) a great novel that is most definitely worth the read.”—Rebecca Book Review

“This book blew away all expectations and set up a new bar for books.(…) The Summer That Melted Everything is great way to open up the floor for this amazing author.  (…) I would highly recommend this book to anyone.”—Winter Reading

The Summer That Melted Everything is written in the most beautiful language; I was mesmerized by it (…) McDaniel uses the story of a hot summer in 1984 to write about important issues (…) This story moved me and showed me all the different sides of the issues that are brought up in the story. (…) Read this deeply moving and sad story; this may shatter you and make you weep, and sometimes books should do just that.”—Ola Reads Books

The Summer That Melted Everything was beautifully worded and the author managed to express feelings and thoughts in ways that not only allowed me to feel them but to touch them and to see them clearly in my mind. The Summer That Melted Everything is partly a coming-of-age novel that reminds us that not everything has a happy ending.”—Rainbow of Books

The Summer That Melted Everything is a book that will touch every reader in some way and have you believing and thinking about your beliefs.”—The Phantom Paragrapher

“I seem to always be on the hunt for something original and different when it comes to my reading and this one really hit the mark.  (…)  The writing was spectacular.  Seriously.  I am amazed that this was the author's debut novel.  The way this story was put together really shows remarkable skill.  (…) I will definitely be reading more from this author in the future and can't wait to see what else Tiffany McDaniel will come up with next.”—Carole’s Random Life

“This book is really hard to describe, but I can just say: Read this book! It’s an impressive debut novel and I won’t soon forget it.”—Bookish Solace

“It’s chock-full of magical realism and beautiful imagery. Really, my favorite part of this entire book was McDaniel’s ability to paint a picture through words.—Chocolate and Chapters

The Summer That Melted Everything is a beautiful, thought-provoking, spiritual novel which forces the reader to examine their lives and learn to forgive. (…) you won’t forget this book for weeks after reading it.”—Death by Tsundoku

“This book has shaken me in a way I haven't experienced from a book in a long time. Part Milton and part Stephen King with a splash of To Kill a Mockingbird (…) It has stuck to my brain and my heart and I am contemplating whether I should reread it immediately or take some more time to mull it over. (…) If you are ready to experience a story of a peaceful Midwestern small town with gothic horror just beneath the surface, a book that will make you question what you thought you knew to be true, a book that will shake you with its beauty and depiction of humanity, this is the book for you.”—Ivory Owl Reviews

“I would recommend The Summer That Melted Everything to anybody who likes both prose and plot that inspire contemplation, and appreciates conversation surrounding important societal themes.”-The Mega-Nerd Blog

“This is the kind of book that will make you cry and make you want to hold those you love very closely.  (…) It hit me hard emotionally.  That is the mark of a masterfully written story.”—Books Without Any Pictures

The Summer that Melted Everything is a profoundly moving, heartbreaking read that will stay with you forever. Tiffany McDaniel brilliantly weaves a story that is classic man’s inhumanity toward man meets modern literary fiction with twists of darkness and mystery.”—Ann Marie at Lit Wit Wine Dine

“I’m not sure how to start this because I know that nothing I say will do this book justice (…) this story is the kind that is very hard to come by: the kind of story that creeps under your skin and latches onto your heart before you even realize it. It’s the kind of story that had me up until 3 in the morning racing to finish it because I physically couldn’t put it down (…) McDaniel’s writing is brilliant, simply put. It’s so hard for me to believe this is her debut novel because she writes with such maturity.  (…) This book is achingly beautiful, gorgeously written, and unbelievably heartbreaking.”—The Pages Within Me

“Tiffany McDaniel’s novel, THE SUMMER THAT MELTED EVERYTHING, is an ambitious and audacious debut. Lyrical and strange with a simmering then erupting danger, it follows the Bliss family as they and all the inhabitants of the town of Breathed lose their innocence and fall from grace.  THE SUMMER THAT MELTED EVERYTHING is inventive and provocative.... a meaty and relentlessly good story."—Book Reporter



Original Watercolor by TIFFANY MCDANIEL

“To fall in love is our species’ best adventure, and when love, in its burgeoning industry, coils sweetly around our soul, we surrender to the heart’s fang and we pray—yes, we pray—to the infinite span that all love has its fair chance, its own share of miracles.”—THE SUMMER THAT MELTED EVERYTHING